How do I decide on my invite wording ?

People always worry about how they will invite their guests without offending anyone. The truth is, there is no right our wrong when it comes to invite wording! It’s your day, so you can invite people the way that you want to! As long as you include all of the essential details i.e. date, location, time, then there will be nothing to worry about.

We believe that wording should be personal to you. If you’d like to add humour or keep things traditional, make sure your guests know it’s coming from you.

Many couples choose to go down the traditional route of having their parents inviting the guests – this used to be the case as the brides parents often contributed significantly to the cost of the big day. If it’s traditional wording you’re looking for – see our Traditional Wording Post.

However, nowadays, many costs are covered by the bride and groom themselves. So we see many more couples inviting from themselves. To keep things simple, here are a few starting lines which will help keep the family peace!

Below are some informal examples, the invite is from the couple getting married, however some include family members and parents so that they do feel involved in the process.

Starting Lines for your Invitations

If you are looking to include families in the invitation, but wanting to avoid the traditional way…

Together with their families [bride/groom names] would love you to join them in celebration

Together with their parents [bride/groom names] invite you to celebrate their special day

If the invite is just from the bride & groom…

[bride/groom names] would like to invite you to join them for their wedding day

[bride/groom names] would love you to join them at their wedding

[bride/groom names] are getting married!

The traditional way…

Mr and Mrs [brides parents name] request the pleasure of the company of [guest name] at the marriage of their daughter [bride/groom]


We hope this guide has been useful. Above all, it’s your wedding, it’s okay to be playful with wording, don’t be afraid of creating something unique! We are sure that your guests will love to see something different and shows off your personality.